Review Policy

Canu Care Review Policy

Created: July 2019


Canu Care is a platform that allows current and past employees of the care sector to rate and review employers. The purpose of these Reviews is to assist those wishing to enter a career in the care sector and to give potential residents, clients and their family and friends insight in to the staff moral and values at each care home/care service.

The purpose of this review website is to provide information on each care company as an employer. This is not a forum to make a complaint, to comment on the care a resident/service user has received or to report any allegations of abuse, negligence or criminal activity.

The comments and opinions expressed on this website do not represent the views of Canu Care or it's associated companies and we accept no responsibility or liability for any review submitted.

Who can submit a review?

Reviews on Canu Care can only be submitted by current or previous employees. This includes any full/part-time employee, those on/previously on a permanent or temporary contract and anyone who has previously or currently volunteered.

Reviews cannot be submitted by anyone who has not been an employee (as described above) of that company.

Review Process – Previous/Current Employees

  • In order to ensure all reviews are genuine, reviews can only be submitted on after creating an account.
  • All sections of the review form are mandatory. Complete reviews will help potential candidates when making their care career decision.
  • All reviews consist of an employer recommendation, a review comment and a score out of 5 for 5 categories; "Induction & Recruitment Process", "Training & Development", "Support from Management", "Salary & Benefits" and "Team Culture".
  • All those who submit a review will be asked to confirm their start and end dates and whether they are a current employee. This information will not be available to the employer and will not be published. This information will be used in the event of a contested review.
  • Reviews can be published anonymously or with the previous/current employees name attached. This choice can be made on the review form
  • All reviews will be shown to the employer before it is published. All reviews will be published automatically after 7 days, unless approved/contested by the employer.
  • Reviews can be contested for the following reasons:
    1. Employee mentions anyone by name
    2. Employee mentions any ongoing/past investigations
    3. Employee makes accusation of abuse or neglect
    4. Employer has a valid reason for believing the employee has never worked for that company
  • By submitting a review, an employee/previous employee is giving Canu Care permission to validate their employment at that company. This will be carried out by contacting the HR/Recruitment department or asking to see proof of employment.
  • Reviews can only be submitted once by each user for each employer.
  • All users will receive email confirmation when a review has been published.
  • Users will receive email confirmation when a review has been contested.
  • If a previous/current employee would like their review removed, they should send their request to [email protected]
  • If employees feel they are being pressured to submit or remove a review, they should contact [email protected]. This complaint will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Review Process – Employer

  • All reviews submitted will be automatically published after 7 days, unless contested.
  • Employers will be notified via email when a review has been submitted.
  • Employers can accept a review and publish it immediately.
  • Employers have the option of contesting the review. Reviews can be contested for the following reasons
    1. Employee mentions anyone by name
    2. Employee mentions any ongoing/past investigations
    3. Employee makes accusation of abuse or neglect
    4. Employer has a valid reason for believing the employee has never worked for that company
  • Reviews cannot be contested on the basis that they are negative, unless they go against the above.
  • Contested reviews will be investigated by Canu Care and a decision will be made within 21 days.
  • By signing up to Canu Review, employers are giving Canu Care permission to contact HR/Recruitment departments as part of this investigation. This will only occur in the case that the employment of the reviewer is under question.
  • Employers have the right to comment on all reviews published to their page on
  • If a review is published and an employer would like it removed, they can contact [email protected] to make this request. Reviews will not automatically be removed but will be investigated.

Review Scores

The maximum score a care employer can receive is 10/10. This score is made up of the following:

  • 5 points available from the star ratings (number of stars/number of reviews)
  • 3 points available from recommendations
    • 0.5 points if 10% - 29% reviews are recommendations
    • 1 point if 30% - 49% reviews are recommendations
    • 1.5 points if 50% - 69% reviews are recommendations
    • 2 points if 70% - 89% reviews are recommendations
    • 2.5 points if 90% - 99% reviews are recommendations
    • 3 points if 100% reviews are recommendations
  • 2 points available % reviews from current employees
    • 1 point if 20% of current Employees have reviewed and recommended the location
    • 2 points if 60% of current Employees have reviewed and recommended the location

Review Content

Below are rules that should be followed when writing a review. The rules of reviews are not limited to the list provided below. Overall, reviews should be helpful, honest and accurate. Anything that goes against this vision and has the potential to damage the integrity of the content on this website will be removed.

Reviews submitted to this website should:

  • Be informative and helpful for any readers
  • Be submitted by genuine previous/current employees
  • Be accurate and use facts
  • Be relevant – they should be about the company as an employer
  • Be the previous/current employee's own review and not on behalf of anyone else
  • Be written in English
  • Be freely given. No user should be forced to submit a review
  • NOT mention any residents, clients or employee by name – this includes using anyone's personal details (phone number, address etc)
  • NOT make any accusations of abuse/neglect
  • NOT make any accusations of criminal activity
  • NOT be about specific care given to a service user
  • NOT be offensive, threatening, malicious, abusive or contain abusive language
  • NOT contain anything that promotes discrimination based on sex, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation or race
  • NOT be written to specifically bully, blackmail or cause upset to any individual

Canu Care reserves the right to remove any review that goes against this policy.

Fraudulent Reviews

Any attempts to submit a fraudulent review will be investigated and the individual will be subject to penalties, such as the review being removed, their account being deleted, or the employer being removed from the website.

Below is a list of fraudulent behaviour that will not be tolerated and will be investigated:

  • If it is suspected that anyone who is an owner of or has financial interest in a care company has submitted reviews themselves, on the pretence that they are an employee
  • Any agency leaving reviews on behalf of an employee or employer
  • Copying any previous review page – all reviews must be genuine and unique
  • Pressuring employees to leave positive reviews
  • Pressuring employees to remove negative reviews
  • A company discouraging certain staff members from posting reviews
  • Offering incentives to staff to post positive reviews
  • Copying reviews from other review sites
  • Writing a fake review on a competitors account

To ensure fraudulent behaviour is not occurring and to maintain the integrity of the website, Canu Care will carry out audits of reviews to ensure they are genuine and have been submitted freely.


For the full privacy policy, please visit

Reviews will only include names of individuals with their permission. Otherwise, all names, email addresses and any other personal details we may collect from you will never be published. All reviews and personal information will be held by Canu Care indefinitely (for as long as the site is live), unless an individual specifically asks for their information to be removed. All requests for this must be sent to [email protected].

By submitting a review on you are giving your approval for this review to be published on the website and for anonymised review content to be used on Canu Care promotional material. We will never use your information on any third-party sites or share your personal details.

You have the right to request to edit or delete any review you post at any time. All requests must be sent to [email protected]