Our Mission


Canu Care was founded by Dan Morris and the team behind Arrive. After collaborating with a number of care providers, we felt their frustrations and heard first-hand how difficult it is finding and keeping great staff.

We also spend a lot of time with those working in care to understand just how frustrating finding and applying for a job in care can be. Not hearing back, long and complicated application processes and, importantly, not knowing what it's really like to work somewhere.

Then we had our little lightbulb moment: why can't finding a job in care be a bit more like finding a hotel or restaurant? Hear us out...

Nowadays, reviews are available for almost every part of daily life; best car insurance, reliable tradesmen. But when it comes to finding a job in care, it's almost impossible to know what it's like to work somewhere. Until now!

Canu is a platform for care workers to review and recommend their current or previous places of work. So, from training & development, to salary & benefits, you'll get a flavour of what it's like to work somewhere before you start. And once you've found the perfect job in care; apply quickly and easily, directly through Canu.

So that's it. A simple way to find and apply for great jobs in care and to discover more about your future employer.

Ps. Canu is pronounced Canoe, like the small boat. Or 'Can-ooh' like the... well nothing. And where does our name come from you ask? It's the first two letters from Carer and the first two letters from Nurse: Canu. Genius, we know.

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